Hi, I am Sebastian, a Berlin-based Product Designer, originally from beautiful Melbourne, Australia.

I have taken an interesting journey to becoming a UX/UI designer, from my accounting and commercial law studies to working in a bank, marketing, and then eventually finding my way into the wonderful world of UX design. All of these experiences have shaped me and made me ready for the UX challenges ahead of me.

I am a creative designer that can think analytically and solve complex problems. I like sketching wireframes a lot because it helps me to understand the questions and problems that lie behind larger problems.

Aside from that, I enjoy great coffee, food, travel, languages (I speak English and German), being outdoors in nature and talking. Send me a message and we can probably combine some of these!

My life in icons:

Coffee: Minimum of 3 per day

Travel: 30 + countries

Languages: German and English

The great outdoors: You'll find me in a forest or in a lake when I'm not working.

Woodworking: Buying furniture is fun, but making it is even better


I specialise in:

UX/UI Design

Product management

Product Strategy


Information architecture


Usability testing

User research

User flow mapping

Design thinking


Content Strategy


Things that are
important to me in Product Design

Solving problems - Products are made to solve problems, otherwise you are most likely looking at a piece of art. Whether it is increasing conversion, improving revenue or simply enhancing usability and experience for users, design should solve problems. I believe wholeheartedly in solving problems, not just making things look good. I care about real problems (sorry Juicero) that require a creative solution.

Great content - without content there is no design, design is just a way of presenting content. Great design starts with great content, not the other way around.

Wireframing and Usability testing - Design is a pyramid (not an upside down one), it starts with a solid base. Before something can look beautiful, it has to work. I try as early as possible to find out if my designs work. I don't make them beautiful until they do.

Scaleable Design - Design should not just be beautiful, but scalable and repeatable, allowing you to design at the speed of thought and cut down on your development costs.

Accessible Design - According to the World Health Organisation, 1 billion people in the world have some form of disability. With this in mind, design should be enjoyed by all people, not just those with great eyesight but also those that have none at all! I design with my users in mind and not just what looks good. I do things like using accessible contrast ratios in my designs as well as writing proper copy and tagging images to allow users that can't see to enjoy the experiences that those privileged with eyesight can.

Want to talk about your next project
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If you want to collaborate on crafting amazing experience for real people – feel free to contact me.

I am available for freelance projects and full-time employment.

NOTE: If you are a charity, I can conduct a free UX review for you

Where in the world am I?

Currently, I am based in Berlin, Germany and spend some time of the year in Melbourne (my home town and first love).

Melbourne Berlin

Want to talk about your next project
or learn more about how I work?