Hi I’m Sebastian,
A Product Designer based in Berlin

I don’t just work with teams to build great products, I help to scale products and provide accessible and usable solutions that customers love.

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I have worked with a number of companies and teams to help them increase revenue and conversion as well as improve accessibility and design scalability.

I am currently working on some exciting new case studies for my portfolio and this section will be updated shortly. So stay tuned!

In the meantime, you can:

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I love writing about all topics design and have over 195,000 views for my content published on Medium.

Here are a few of the stories I have published here on Medium:

Moving designs from XD to Figma — easy or not?


6 min read

Moving designs from Figma to XD — Just how easy is it?


5 min read

UI design tools: Converting between Sketch, XD and Figma (and back again)


6 min read

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I am passionate about design, productivity and learning new things.

I like to keep a list of this kind of content for fellow designers or just those who are interested

You can expect to find design and web development tools, books,

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Want to talk about your next project
or learn more about how I work?

If you want to collaborate on crafting amazing experience for real people – feel free to contact me.

I am available for freelance projects and full-time employment.

NOTE: If you are a charity or not for profit organisation, I can conduct a free UX review for you. Simply send me a message with the subject "UX Review" and I will get back to you ASAP.

How I work

There are many ways to work and there is no one right way to work. Here is what you can expect when we work together

Initial call

To kick things off, we organise a quick call to discover if there is a fit between us. After all, the most successful projects are ones where we all parties can work together effectively and align goals. This call is always free.

In this call it is also important for me to understand what success looks like to you. What do you want to achieve? A newsletter sign up? Better look and feel? Better application of branding? Better accessibility. Maybe you don't 100% know the answer yourself, we can talk and tease out the problem and get a rough idea of jobs that need to be done. 


It's important to outline everything for the project or engagement before it begins. Here we can summarise all data and sign a contract for the work to protect all parties.

Kick off workshop

We go through the product or service in depth to get a better understanding of all the moving parts. Here there are opportunities to ask questions from both sides.


I take an independent look at end-to-end processes for your product or service. What are your touchpoints? And how do they work together? I summarise all my thoughts to present these later.

Strategy conceptualisation

I present my understanding of the problem from my analysis and we go over some potential approaches to fix the problem or achieve a certain goal based on the current status.


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